Saturday, February 1, 2020

Wedding Mood Board

Planning this wedding has been hard - like I really understand Bridezillas now. Completely. I've been struggling creating a "vision". Of course EVERYONE wants me to do red and/or green because our wedding is in December but I'd literally rather not get married than do red or green. I do NOT want our wedding associated with Christmas... at all. I'm sticking to my guns and keeping it in a color scheme I've always loved and that Jesse likes too, although I swear I could put anything in front of him and he'd say it looks great, so there is that. 
Now that red and green are out of the picture, we can talk color. And by color, I mean black, white, a little gold, and mauvey-pink. I want our wedding to be moody, romantic, and warm. Candles. A lot of them. Like a fire hazard. And lanterns down the aisle and down the stairs. And black table settles, acrylic seating charts, and an unplugged ceremony sign. I stg if I see someone with their iPhone in the aisle as I walk down.......

Of course everyone wants "traditional" things... traditional photos, flowers, blah blah blah. But if there is one thing I am not, its traditional. I will do and wear and decorate as we please on our wedding day. And if a flower tiara and veil is "too much" for some, feel free to escort yourself to someone else's wedding.  
Because we are getting married in December, lighting will be minimal and we will be relying on indoor lighting, which is fine, but I definitely want to amp it up a little (or a lot) with candles in tall vases and lanterns. I want it to feel warm and expensive (but not cost a lot of $$$). I'm thinking aliexpress for BULK lanterns and vases. We are hoping to get some pictures at golden hour, which should be doable considering our ceremony does not start until 6 & sun sets around 5 in December.
As for color, I want some sage green on the table with mauve flowers, maybe some DARK red roses, and white flowers of some sort. I'm not a florist - I have no idea what I'm talking about. I haven't thought much about my bouquet or bridesmaids, but I do know I want white/pink/dark red all mixed in there. 
And if in 10 months this vision does not come to life and I went with airy whites, light pinks, and grey, DO NOT be surprised. I swear I have a new style every day. 
What theme did you do for your wedding and what was the hardest part of planning? For me its photographers. 
Leave a comment on here or my instagram of what you want to see from me - wedding planning, diet, exercise, fashion, beauty? 

Check back in a month or so for save the dates and invitations because that is another entire fiasco. 
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