Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cheap Chloé Bag Dupes on Amazon

Chloé bags are so popular right now, and for good reason because they are really cute & functional! I have been loving cross body bags and smaller purses in general and Chloé makes the best ones. However, over $1,000 for a small bag is out of my price range. I have found the cutest dupes on Amazon for the most popular Chloé bags!

1. Chloe Faye Small $795 vs. Amazon $50
The small Chloe Faye is great for a night or or any time you don't need to carry much. It is quite a tiny bag, which is why the Amazon dupe is great. The amazon one seems to have a suede flap while the Chloe one is all regular leather.

2. Chloe Drew $1,850 vs. Amazon $70
I am obsessed with the Drew bag. The only annoying part is the strap, which is just a chain, which makes it hard to hang it on the back of a chair. However, the bag is so cute and a unique design. The Amazon dupe is great and basically identical.

3.  Chloe Faye Medium $1,950 vs. Amazon $80
I am going to buy the Amazon dupe of the Faye medium bag because it looks so cute for summer. I love brown purses for the summer because I wear a lot of white. This bag seems like it can fit a lot!

4. Chloe Marcie Medium $1,990 vs. Amazon $81
The Marcie bag seems like it could fit the most out of all of these purses. It isn't just for a night out or just an ID and phone. You could totally use this as your work bag or everyday bag.

I hope you guys like these dupes! I ordered the small Chloe Faye one on Sunday so I will be posting a lot of pictures on my Instagram! make sure you're following me!


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