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For her:

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1. I LOVE this coat from Express. It is so warm & the inside leopard layer is actually detachable and can be worn as a vest. A coat is a good gift for a daughter, sister, friend who doesn't want to spend their own $$ on a coat! And everyone who lives in a cold climate can always use a good coat. 
2. These sunnies are so cute and look good on every face shape! & they're at a great price point.
3. These sunnies also look good on everyone- just either get small or large depending on who you're buying for. I have the large because I have a pretty big face. These are a classic style that can be worn forever! 
4. This is the best gift for a fashionista. No- it isn't the $1200 Chloe one, but it really does look like it! I've used it for over a year and it is still in great shape. 
5 & 6. I think scarves are the easiest gift to give because you don't have to worry about someones size. They are versatile and again, great for cold climates. They make a great addition to a gift! Also perfect for secret Santa. 
7. this palette is great for beginners and people who aren't obsessed with makeup but still wear it. Its an all matte palette and great for any look. 
8. I love the Jaclyn Hill palette. this is great for people who are obsessed with makeup because it has every shade under the sun- literally. and its still pretty cheap! 
9. I want this curling wand set SO badly! Its very pretty to look at and everyone who uses it has amazing hair. so hint hint to Jesse if you're reading this! 
10. if you aren't trying to spend the big bucks, I have this cortex set and it works so well! I've been using it for years now and have had no problems with it. it comes with 4 different sizes so you can get huge beachy waves or tight ringlets! 

Tech Gifts

1. If you're buying for someone (or yourself) who wants to start a youtube channel or even a blog, I cannot recommend the Canon g7x mark ii enough! The flip up screen makes it easy to see what is in the shot and there are literally hundreds of settings. The quality is amazing and I use it way more than my DSLR!

2. AirPods are THE BEST. They don't fall out of your ear and it really is so convenient to have headphones that don't have a cord. Plus- the charger is cute and convenient. I linked a really good dupe for them that have great reviews on Amazon if you aren't looking to spend too much $.

3. If you have a coffee lover in your life, you need to get them a Nespresso. It makes amazing coffee and espresso. They have so many flavors too! This bundle comes with the machine, a milk brother (which is amazing for lattes), and a pod variety pack. BONUS- every time you buy pods you get pre-paid recycling bags to send back your used pods. Nespresso recycles all the plastic! I linked to Bloomingdales so you can get your reward points & Amazon if you're in a time crunch!

4. All travelers need this suitcase / carry on. I have the "bigger carry-on" in blush. It has a charger pack so you can charge your technology in the airport. Nothing is worse than searching for an outlet and then sitting on the airport floor. Plus it has a TSA approved lock.

5. Finally... for the fitness girls & guys. I have a Fitbit and I don't work out.... ever, and I still love it. it really encourages me to get moving and get my steps in! It also tracks your heart rate, calories burned, and your sleep!

Comfy Gals
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1. goddess alo yoga leggings for the girly-girl in your life who may or may not exercise! these are really cute and remind me of the leg warmers I used to wear in ballet which is probably why I like them so much. they are much more unique than just a regular black pair of leggings.
2. nordstrom fluffy sweater!
3. express fluffy sweater!
4. Abercrombie fluffy sweater!
5. hydrapeak water bottle ... not much to say other than it is cute & functional! & like half the price of a hydropeak.

one || two lattes || boss || lashes || iced 

1. best. planner. ever. there is so much room to write and every day gets its own page with a to do list side and a schedule side.
2. MUGS! you can't go wrong. theres literally one for every one. I linked some cute ones I have found.
3. I love this Band.o to go cup. I use it for iced coffee almost every day. I get so many compliments on it.

one azzarro acqua di gio || two || three || four || five || six

1. the azzarro cologne is really fresh smelling & not musky. the acqua di gio is more of a classic cologne scent, but still not musky.
2. I don't have much to say other than this backpack is really cute and I'd use it too!
3. I love this backpack from amazon. it looks really high end but is actually inexpensive. it also has a laptop pocket so it is good for technology.
4. over-night bag. this is for all the men who shove 3 days worth of clothes into a backpack. it is time to move on!
5. the bigger carry-on. great for travelers because it has a charger built in!
6. these sunglasses look good on a lot of guys, so its a good style to get if you're trying to surprise someone.

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