Saturday, November 17, 2018

instagram haul

quick haul! I posted on my instagram stories that I got some new clothes & wanted to share the links with you all! I tried to link the exact item, but one was sold out & the other isn't sold online. but I linked similar options if that was the case.
ALSO forever 21 sweaters are all 30% off right now so hop to it if you want a deal

I am obsessed with this sweater. I love the color combo and its my favorite fabric- chenille. the only problem is forever 21 doesn't sell it online... like WHY do stores do that? don't they realize the sales they are missing out on? the good news is I linked the sweater that forever 21 actually copied from another brand (truly madly deeply). the "real" one is from urban and I was going to buy it until I found this gem at F21. note- the colors are different, but they're getting to the same point, ya know?

the SOFTEST sweater ever. it is pretty oversized, this is a medium and is quite long on me, but good for leggings. its very stretchy and not the thickest material, but good if you're looking for a soft top! 

sorry for the god awful picture of me (I'm sick) but I wanted to link this because so many people asked where it was from in my youtube live! its from h&m on sale ($10!) but they of course don't sell it anymore. I linked an exact dupe from the H&M mens section (see man above). just size down, this style is typically a mens style anyways and I'll link a similar looking one from H&M women's.
mens & women's just not as thick

this sweater is thin & form fitting. I love the colors and its around $13! definitely cute for fall, despite the fact it is almost over. #sadface

I love this sweater but.... it is sold out online in this color combo. they have it in stock in a red/ivory pattern, so that is what I linked. if you want this exact one you'll have to venture into a forever 21 store.

I got this sweater /shirt for those days you just want to be comfy and don't necessarily want to dress up. I think this would look really cute with leggings and sneakers. 

thanks for reading!
happy shopping

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