Friday, May 26, 2017

Recent Instagram Round Up & How to take a great Flat Lay

Instagram Round Up
Here are some recent(ish) pictures I've posted on my Instagram! Again, I'm still working on being consistent. I will link all the products that I can & give you some tips on how to take a good, shadowless flat lay!

Speedy 35 (used & at a great price)

This was an outfit I wore to class when it was rainy out. I love this rain coat I got from forever 21, I bought it on clearance so they don't sell it anymore, along with most of the items I'm wearing. This is a typical outfit for me- all black with a pop of a neutral color.

Ahh the typical blogger sunglasses flat lay. From top to bottom, the sunglasses are from Francesca's, Quay, and Gucci.

Tiffany (used & at a great price)

Another OOTD picture! This was an outfit I wore to work when it was semi-warm out. I feel like the sun hasn't been out in months in New York, so I'm a little sad. The bead bracelet is from Tiffany's and the other one is Pandora.

Flip flops | Sunglasses | Blush | Bathing Suit Bottoms | Romper (currently unavailable, but its from Hollister!) 

Another flat lay! I am working on my flat lay skills (this one I took outside in daylight so I wouldn't have any shadows). 
My biggest tip for a flat lay is take it in good lighting, with a good background. The best lighting is natural- whether you have a good window in your room or have to relocate outside. Studio lighting is usually too harsh and creates a lot of shadows which then requires a lot of editing. I bought a white poster board years ago that I use for most of my flat lays. Another great background is a marble tile you can buy at Home Depot. 
These are some items I took with me on vacation. I'll link everything above.

Scarf (similar) | Glasses

Okay everything in this outfit is old AF... SORRY!

Another work OOTD! I wear my hair up almost every day at work. I hate looking down and having all my hair fall into my face, it is SO annoying. Plus, a ponytail with glasses is really cute, in my opinion.

I have been loving rose recently! I only like the less sweet ones because the really pink ones to me just taste like sugar. This is an affordable brand that is pretty good, and the cute label is a plus.

Finally, my graduation cap! I love the way this turned out. I used letter stickers from the MAMBI brand at Michael's and a few bags of paper flowers also from Michael's. I love how girly it turned out and it wasn't too cliche. Thats right, I am a college grad! I have a Bachelor of Science & will be starting law school in August! Crazy.


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