Monday, March 6, 2017

Summer Purchases

Here are my top three wants for this summer! I also need some new bathing suits, but I really have not found any I love yet! What is your favorite store to buy bathing suits from?

I am in need of a new beach bag this summer. All of last summer I used a leather coach tote, which I also use for school and the gym. The combination of sand and a laptop is not good, so I am just going to buy a separate bag for the beach this year. I love this perforated one from Nordstrom. When else can you use a bag with holes? It comes with a zipper pouch which would be great for your phone and anything else you don't want covered in sand.

I love this circle towel which is actually from Walmart. Its a good idea to bring a separate towel to lay on and one to use to dry off. This one would be cute in pictures too!

I've heard great things about this Maui Babe Lotion. Apparently it is an instant bronzer and also helps you get more tan. However, it definitely is not sunscreen, so you should use SPF too!

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