Thursday, March 2, 2017

Small Instagram Round Up

I have been trying... key word TRYING to develop somewhat of an Instagram theme, but alas, I have failed. Instagram is hard! Posting every day is hard, especially when you don't get ready every day, and spend most days at school or work. But I am trying to get better!
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I have been obsessed with buying/looking at sunglasses recently. I've worn prescription glasses for a large portion of my life and only started wearing contacts within the past year. So, needless to say, buying sunglasses is a new thing for me. I love huge sunglasses, like these from Francesca's

yes way rose (similar... kind of?) / throw confetti
I bought the canvases on the right and left also from Francesca's. They were on clearance, so I doubt you can still find them, but they have similar on Etsy and I also see similar at Homegoods all the time! I want to create a small gallery wall above my bed, so this is my start.

I have been into layering textures and patterns recently, especially because it is a little warmer out now so I can venture outside with my coat unzipped. My scarf is from Charlotte Russe YEARS ago, t-shirt is Victoria's Secret, cardigan is also Charlotte Russe.

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this bag about... a million times. Jesse got me this Teddy Blake Caty bag for Christmas and I loveeeee it. I wear it every day.

I have been wearing this satin, blush pink bomber all the time recently. I pair it with my rose gold Michael Kors watch, Pandora bracelet, and Tiffany bead bracelet

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